Raíces Club Celebrates Hispanic Culture

A small group of Latino students at Emory & Henry have come together to form a Hispanic cultural awareness group, titled Raíces.

Since Emory & Henry’s Hispanic population makes up less than 3 percent of the student body, the primary mission of Raíces is to express and share the beautiful and historically-rich culture that is rooted in the Hispanic community.

Raíces will host multiple events that encourage all members of the Emory & Henry community to come out and learn a bit more about the different cultures and traditions within the Latino community.

These events will be interactive, where the goal isn’t to just help students learn through traditional teaching methods. Exploring music, food and traditions are all ways that Raíces plans to incorporate interactive learning techniques into their club experience.

Raíces is a new organization, founded by former Spanish Professor, Dr. Alma Ramirez. People from all heritages, cultures and nationalities are welcome to join the club and to attend events.

Raíces are hoping to welcome many more members and participants. This club is hoping to celebrate diversity in a new way that Emory & Henry has not seen in the past.
For more information, contact Professor Gonzalo Baptista at gbaptista@ehc.edu
There is a saying that there is no reason to fear strong winds, if your roots dig deep. Raíces hopes to explore and celebrate the origin and stories of those roots.

According to students, Dr. Alma had been attempting to start a Hispanic Awareness club for several years.

Joaquin Mancera, a senior at Emory & Henry, is Mexican and Latino.

“There’s always been this disconnect between the Hispanic community inside Emory. Like, people from different grades that speak Spanish and have the same roots don’t get to know about each other. It’s kind of weird, like I think to myself there’s five [Latino] people on campus, but there’s more. It’s good to bring them together and create its own little subculture at Emory,” said Mancera.

– Orlando Martinez

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