Equestrian Places 5th

It has been a great season for the Emory & Henry Equestrian team, so far winning 6 events this season. Last week, the Wasps took fifth place out of 15 teams at the Tournament of Champions, at the Equestrian Center in Bristol.

Some of the highlights include junior Billie Henard taking home the reserve champion in Intermediate on the Flat. Henard also took third place in Intermediate fences. First-year Kelsey Bergman competed in the Walk/Trot/Canter while first-year Catherine Hill won the event. Sydney Cassidy, a junior, was the reserve champion in the high metal competition. First-year Bobby Jo Adsit was also the reserve champion in the low metal competition, and he also took second place in Novice Equestrian Over Fences. Sophomore Francisco Caba-Guil took fifth place in Open Equestrian Over Fences, and senior Nick Martino also competed in this event.

Randolph’s wild team won the event, earning 32 points, which was enough to take home the title. Savanah College of Art & Design “Black” team took 2nd place with 28 points. In 3rd place was Goucher with 27 points. Penn State’s “blue” team also took 27 points, and they finished in 4th place.

In 6th place was Savanah College of Art & Design’s “gold” team with 25 points. Bridgewater’s “gold” team also had 25 points, as they took 7th place. Bridgewater’s “crimson” team took 8th place with a total of 24 points. Kansas State finished the event in 9th place and finished with a total of 23 points.

East Carolina, Mt. Holyoke, and Randolph’s “cat” team were tied for 10th place, as they each had 22 points. Rhode Island took 13th place as they took home 20 points. Liberty finished the day in 14th place as they had 15 points. Peen State’s “White” team finished at the bottom of the leaderboard as they had 13 points.

This tournament was the finale of the 2016-17 Tournament of Champions Series. In their last Tournament of Champions event, the Wasps finished in 4th place out of 16 teams at Bridgewater. The Wasps will host a double header of Zone 4- Region 5 shows this weekend at the Equestrian center in their next event.

– Luke Montalbano

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