Colt’s Top 10 (Most Anticipated) Picks of 2017

10. Kanye West
Even though a year has yet to pass since Kanye West’s, The Life of Pablo, Mr. West has promised his fans three new albums for the year 2017. If anything comes out the way his 2016 major-hit did, I am beyond excited to see what the Chicagoan rapper has in store for us.

9. Taylor Swift
Taylor swift broke her streak of releasing an album every two years by not releasing an LP in the year 2016. However, who can blame her? 1989 was a huge hit and even won her “Album of the Year” at the Grammy’s, and, has since, toured off her 2014 album on many cycles, and, also, had one of the year’s best-selling albums. As T-Swift has been silent in her public life and has stopped touring, it is safe to say that she is working on her next release that we are all dying to hear.

8. Real Estate
Alternative rock band Real Estate, is coming out with a new album after quite some time. Although nothing they do is ground-breaking, I am drawn towards their simplicity of which makes this band’s work into something complex.

7. Father John Misty
In some ways, Father John Misty is like Real Estate. However, John Misty takes a step further through experimentation, renowned lyrics, and acoustic musicianship that takes its listener into a dramatic euphoria.

6. My Morning Jacket
In the middle of 2015, My Morning Jacket surprised the 1990’s grunge-rock world with the release of The Waterfall. It was a psychedelic piece that created an ethereal atmosphere with the existential lyrics and moody vocals performed throughout the album. This album was one of my favorite albums of 2015 and one that I still listen to today. There has been confirmation that the My Morning Jacket squad is working on another release, and if they can somehow formulate an album that exceeds its predecessor, I am beyond excited.

5. Allison Krauss
Allison Krauss is one of the most successful artists in the folk/bluegrass genre. I first heard her music in the O Brother Where Art Thou? score, and, has since, become a classic of mine and many others that are listeners of Krauss’ respective genre. However, even those who do not normally listen folk or bluegrass will end up catching themselves tapping their foot to the sounds of Allison Krauss’ music, and, it is for this reason, why I am greatly anticipating her upcoming album.

4. Beck
In 2014, Beck released Morning Phase that ended up winning album of the year at the Grammy’s. Not only was it the top album for the artistic community, but it was mine, too. Beck took a turn of events with the 2014 release as he did away with his surfer rock forte and made a more contemporary, alternative piece. Though, in 2016, Beck released a song entitled “Wow” of which showcased his former musical interests of surfer rock, much like his song “Loser.” Although I fell in love with Beck because of Morning Phase, it still excites my ears to hear how Beck is going to capture his signature sound.

3. Logic
Logic is not keeping any secrets here. On his Instagram page, Logic has been sharing pictures of him in the studio along with other pictures featuring guest artists. Every now and then Logic will preview music, and those few seconds alone has myself anticipating his next album as I love the cinema-esque stories he is able to create with his music.

2. The Ocean Collective
Nearing four years since the release of their 2013 release, Pelagial, The Ocean Collective revealed in the fall of last year that they will be releasing a new album sometime in the fall/winter of 2017. Pelagial was my favorite album of 2013, and one of my favorite albums of all time. Over the course of a decade and a half, The Ocean has released several conceptual albums covering various aspects of natural life (volcanoes, chaos theory, stars, prehistoric life, and the depths of the ocean). To many’s surprise, The Ocean has decided to change their songwriting process and not write a concept album, but just an album with individual songs that may or may not share a common theme. It is that surprise that has myself anticipating just what The Ocean plans on doing.

1. Rings of Saturn
Rings of Saturn is, by far, my favorite metal band. Although one always expects to hear lyrics about aliens, insane vocals, and incredible musicianship, listeners always wonder how this band exceeds the last album, and just how much more insane and incredible they can get.

– Colt Pierce

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