Dean Holloway Begins Work on Inclusion

John Holloway is Emory & Henry’s new Vice President for Student Life and Student Success and Dean of Inclusion. Many of Holloway’s career goals at E&H reflect his new title of Dean of Inclusion, as he is focused on fostering intergroup dialogue and promoting inclusion on campus. When I met with Dean Holloway to get a better idea

When I met with Dean Holloway to get a better idea for his goals at Emory & Henry, one topic that came up was his transition from the big city to our rural campus. When I asked Holloway if moving from New York City to Emory was a hard decision, he said that although he had been enjoying his time in New York, the description of responsibilities for E&H’s Vice President for Student Life and Student Success and Dean of Inclusion made the position seem “as if it was created for me.”

Holloway also mentioned that his family is originally from Asheville, so he already knew from spending summers there that he wanted to relocate to this area for a change of pace from the busy lifestyle of New York City. Holloway said that moving to Emory “felt as if in some ways I was coming home.”

Dean Holloway has plenty of past experience in higher education. He has worked at multiple colleges and universities in the past, and he was the Dean of Students at Lehman College in New York City.

At Lehman, Holloway was part of many programs that provided support for students outside the classroom. He believes that this experience will help him in his role as Dean of Inclusion.

Holloway said that he was excited about his “chance to make a difference here,” and that “the inclusion piece is very exciting.” One of Holloway’s primary goals as the Dean of Inclusion is to make connections with all E&H students, and specifically those who are from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. With these students, he hopes to go beyond making connections, as he hopes to provide them with a safety net that can make them feel at home on our campus.

Holloway says he is “looking forward to developing along with the E&H staff, a solid program for the Inclusion and Dialogue center.”

Interested students who want to get involved with Holloway’s IDP (Intergroup Dialogue Program) should contact him at Through the IDP, Holloway hopes that students can work through some tough issues and better understand each other through honest communication and cooperation. He says that intergroup dialogue is not about debating, but rather about walking in someone else’s shoes and learning to not make assumptions and judgments so quickly.

Holloway believes that even if he can only get some students involved, they will still be able to interact with other students and ultimately “plant seeds” of inclusion among them and their communities back home. And at the end of the day, Holloway also hopes to get to know all the students at E&H and to be “a face that students know.”

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