Asked & Answered: Will Michelle Obama ever run for Office?

Asked & Answered is a weekly conversation with readers: We respond to your questions and you answer ours.

This week, we answer the question “Will Michelle Obama ever run for president?”
Michelle Obama, the gorgeous, brilliant, shade-throwing, fit, former first lady of former (sigh) President Barack Obama has been repeatedly asked in the last few years whether she’ll ever run for president, and especially since Trump’s victory in November, 2016. A Twitter campaign exists to encourage her (#michelle2020), heck – even Oprah Winfrey asked the first lady whether she’d run, when Obama appeared on her show in December, 2016.

Her answer to Winfrey, and almost every other time she’s been asked: “No.”
We could add to this the emphatic and repeated assertions of her husband, Barack Obama. According to “At an event at a high school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in early January, an audience member asked the president since he can’t run for another term, can voters convince his wife to launch a White House bid. “No, no,” Mr. Obama said. “No, no, no … no, no.”

So, will Michelle Obama run for president? Maybe.

I mean, so her husband says she won’t – we all know that Michelle is a strong, independent woman who won’t let her husband tell her what to do, right?

So she says no – all that’s been before Trump assumed office. Did you see all the shade she was throwing on January 20? Do you think for a second that she’ll sit back over the next 4 years and not get active?

According to Gallup, her approval ratings (64 percent, as of August, 2016) are better than Barack’s (50 percent) and Trump’s (34 percent). Tom Davidson, a digital analyst for media giant Gannett, who was on campus to present a Lyceum this week, says that Michelle could sneeze hard and win herself a senate seat in Illinois.

Maybe today her answer is no, but she’s also just begun Barack’s retirement phase. After 4 years of that guy lazing around the house, I bet she’ll be up for the challenge. But seriously, probably not.

And now, your answers to our question: Would you rather attend the Inauguration or the Women’s March?

AJ Hampton, Senior, Sports Management: I would rather go to the women’s march because the women in this country deserve to be treated better. They do so much and deserve so much more respect.

Orlando Martinez, Political Science, freshman- I would prefer to go to the inauguration because it is symbolic and we need to stand behind our President-elect if we want to do well.

Delaney Oursler, Geography, Sophomore- “I would go to the Women’s March. I will not stand for a nation ran by ignorance and oppression. Discrimination has no place in our government.”

Sam Mungai, MCOM and French, Freshman: “I’d rather attend the inauguration because I’d just like to see what Donald trump now has to say based on america’s future and the movement in terms of the different political sides. Take for example in terms of racial divide and economic status in the country. I just want to see how he would incorporate all of those aspects, and also how he would deliver his speech.”

Diana Lopez, Undecided, Freshman – “That’s a tough one. I feel like the women’s march because I am not a fan of our new president coming up and I believe I could have a voice if I could go and march with the women, and if someone could hear my voice, unlike what happened. I want to try to make a difference with that march. If I could make a difference, that’d be nice.”

– Mark Finney

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