Story: Career Day

If anyone ever tells you the being a hero is lame, punch them in the face! I’m a hero, and the toughest man in the city. Name’s Rex Crain, I was a cop, I quit the force after my partner was shot and killed. Now I work as a cashier by day, and a vigilante by night.
A kid sitting on the space themed rug raised his hand.

“So you’re a cashier.”
Rex’s confidence shattered as the kid interrupted.
“N… no cashier is just my secret identity.”
“But, being cashier is your primary source of income,” said another kid sitting on a Saturn.
“So when people ask you what your job is you say, cashier.”
“Yeah,” agreed another kid lying on his stomach. “Pretending to be a superhero is more of a hobby than an actual job.”
The color in Rex’s face began to resemble the picture of Mars on the carpet.
“First , I’m not pretending to be a superhero; I am a superhero! And being a superhero is very dangerous!”
“Well so is rock climbing,” replied a kid from the back of the room. “But you don’t see them saying rock climbing is their job.”
“You can’t compare the two!” shouted Rex jumping up from his chair. “ I help the city from dealing with shoplifters to people who park in the fire lane!”
“Don’t they have security guards for that?” asked one kid adjusting his large glasses.
“Wait, are you the guy who painted ‘park better idiot’ on my dad’s car?” added another kid hopping up from the carpet.
“Mr. Larry, does this count as one of our career day speakers.”
Mr. Larry’s head was down on his desk and was snoring ever since Rex began speaking.
“Huh, what?” said Mr. Larry shaking the sleep from his face. “Rex, are you telling them about how you’re a superhero? When I said you could talk to the kids for career day, I meant for you to tell them about your actual job.
Rex quickly made his way over to the window, “Well thanks for your time kids and if you ever are in need of a hero, don’t call on Rex Crane!” Rex shouted with anger as he jumped out the first-floor window into the bushes below.
“Just use the door Rex!” shouted Mr. Larry. He turned to the rest of the class. The kids’ turned to Mr. Larry, who was still half asleep.
“Ok kids, do whatever you want now, I’m going back to sleep.”

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