Engaged in Transition

Balance is extremely difficult. Perhaps, the best path is not on either extreme, but the middle ground. Working to balance our time, choosing to balance our activities, and learning to balance ourselves with others are tasks we must take upon ourselves according to how we see fit. In other words, sometimes taking the middle ground may have to be done on our own.
I think that part of learning balance is learning to act on your own accord rather than on the influences of others. We might find that we are expected to live up to someone else’s credentials, or worse sometimes is our own standards. In order to be individuals of integrity, we must learn to heed others’ advice without giving it the power to control our actions. Our actions should be our own, but they shouldn’t dismiss valuable guidance.
However, if we are not provided guidance, I feel it is best for people to stand up for their convictions. In other words, we shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are, but we should always strive to be well-rounded and well educated.
In order to be whole, to have integrity, we must strive to make our own choices and fight the influences of negative conformity. We each have our own purpose, our own temptations, and our own ethical code; therefore no one will ever know exactly how we operate. It is wise to listen to advice, but also to live according to your own principles.
The movie, Searching for Bobby Fisher taught us the importance of balance, the importance of walking the middle ground between two extremes. However, when it comes to one’s integrity, believes, and values, one should have a listening ear and an open mind while also remaining true to their convictions. If we give into conformity, we lose our identity. Wouldn’t that be sad? We are often put in a position where we are told to “play the (metaphorical) game.” We should play for ourselves. Not in a selfish way, but in a way that indicates self-respect. If that means not playing the game, then don’t play.

– Delyn Bull

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