The Demise of Hillary Clinton

With the United States Presidential Election being on Tuesday, the suddenly resuscitated review of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s email controversy has caused turmoil within the electorate as the situation has caused additional distrust in the candidate.
In case you might not have heard about the conflict though I have no idea how one couldn’t have, there have been allegations of Secretary Clinton illegally sharing classified information with individuals not granted clearance to view them via private email servers.
Back in July, the case was dismissed as there was no clear evidence of malicious intent, but the case was reopened a few weeks ago as 650,000 new emails were discovered according to CNN.
This second investigation went on for 9 days, and just this past weekend the FBI came out with a letter stating that there was still not enough evidence to prove any intent.
Even though she has not been found guilty, the revival of the controversy has been damaging to the Clinton Campaign as some polls are showing that the situation has swayed votes slightly in favor of Donald Trump, making the race even closer.
There are only two possibilities in this case; either Clinton is innocent of the charges and accusations or she is guilty. If she is innocent, the Republican party seems to be quite foolish as they have spent at least 7.3 million dollars over the past two years on a witch hunt of some sorts according to The Fiscal Times.
This raises several ethical questions towards the party such as why was this investigation so important to them?
You might say that they felt that the position of the presidency depended on it, but it surely seems that they could have done much better for their party using the millions of dollars other ways. As well, why were they so sure that she was guilty that they were willing to go through all of this just in a trial?
It is not exactly apparent why this is, especially as the FBI has established that Clinton will only face charges if intent is proven, not just evidence of whatever happened because of the emails.
So, if Secretary is legitimately innocent, she is obviously incredibly smart and witty as she has tricked the Republican Party into chasing a ghost around by spending millions of dollars and whatnot while she has been running a largely successful campaign.
Now, let’s suppose that Secretary Clinton is guilty of the allegations and responsible for whatever events might have been caused by secret emails but the FBI has just not found her guilty.
If this is the case, then it would seem that Hillary Clinton might be one of the most powerful individuals in American society as she must then be so influential that she can fool or even blatantly manipulate America’s top intelligence agencies such as the FBI and CIA in a way that she can cover her own tracks should they even exist. I believe that if there is a person who is so powerful that they can control a government such that federal investigators either can’t prove them guilty or are turning a blind eye to the case and society itself cannot prove they are doing it, then such a powerful person would be an incredibly powerful political leader, namely a President. So, if Hillary Clinton is a “dirty con” as the Republican Party likes to make her out to be, she is without a doubt the smartest damn con in the history of the world.
Whichever of these two verdicts you think are the truth, I believe that the case has shown just how witty and potentially powerful Hillary Clinton is.
If she is innocent, then she has tricked the Republican Party to such an extent that they have spent millions of dollars on a myth.
If she is guilty, then she is some sort of genius who has such a powerful grip that there is no agency in the world who can bring her down.
Either way, Hillary Clinton has the Republican Party and possibly even the FBI “by the balls” as the saying goes and I am eager to see how this election plays out as this scandal could either hurt or benefit her.

– Austin Falin

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