Knockout Hunger Week Raises Food and Funds

Knockout Hunger Week, a campus-wide effort to raise awareness and donations to aid local hunger relief, took place from Oct. 30 to Nov. 6. All proceeds and cans from the week were donated to Feeding America. Junior B.G. Loper was the main coordinator behind the week.
“Knockout Hunger Week was an idea that my student council came up with in high school. The premise of the week was to raise awareness, food, and money, to help aid local hunger relief efforts. There was a canned food drive as well as some events such as a bake-sale. I worked on adapting it to make it a better fit for Emory, since we have so many wonderful groups that strive toward at least some community service and outreach, possibly because things like service plunge grant us that mindset coming into college at Emory & Henry,” said Loper.
B.G. planned each day of the week to have a fun event hosted by an organization on campus that would use the same method of fundraising that Alpha Beta Chi uses for Airband, which is a dollar or a canned food item per admittance ticket.
“It was difficult, since there were still Lyceums and other events that couldn’t be avoided, but there were still decent turn-outs and at the end of the day, it’s only important that we have something to give back,” said Loper.
There was a lot of Greek participation in the week. Delta Rho Delta hosted life-sized water pong on Tuesday, Delta Omicron Pi did a bake-sale and C Phi C did a knockout basketball tournament on Wednesday. Alpha Psi Omega participated in life-sized Battleship (like the board game) on Thursday. Phi Gamma Phi hosted a hand-ball tournament on Friday. On Saturday morning, Alpha Beta Chi and Kappa Phi Alpha worked together to host a 5k and I hosted a chili cook-off and lunch with some other members of Theta Chi Epsilon. The overall donations raised were a little over 100 cans and a little over $400.
“The other thing I wanted this week to do was to show people that giving back locally and doing community service both don’t have to feel exhausting and like work. It is possible to both have fun and give back,” said B.G. as he reflected back on the week. “Thanks to all those who helped and supported!”

– Olivia Kinser

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