Astrology Bearings in the Changing Season

We are now in the middle of Scorpio season, an excellent and shining time in the year. From our viewpoint, the moon is growing larger–set to be a full moon in Taurus on the 14th. Mercury is still in Scorpio, so recall the advice from last week on how to handle that. There is another large planet shifting soon, though. Mars will enter Aquarius on the 9th. This is an amazing occurrence seeing as though this has not occurred in two years. Mars for us on Earth controls action and motivation and its shift into Aquarius meaning wondrous things for us! Aquarius is a sign that encompasses intelligence and the ability to overlook adversity in search of the bigger picture. Aquarius represents the team mentality and the “all for one, one for all” need for people to pull together for a common goal. The last time Mars was in Aquarius, it was in disharmony with other signs, but this time around, things are looking brighter. Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius cooperate with our newly amicable Mars to bring us positive vibrations. These new energies will help us to be more team-oriented and bring a more balanced perspective to once fractious instances.
Advice to all: Be cautious with your tongue still and try to be friendlier. Remember that not everyone shares your same senses of humor and offense, but everyone appreciates general decency. Engage more with your established friend groups–maybe some people within your circle are feeling isolated. Now is a good time to rally the troops and get the squad back together for real, no matter what happened before. Sun/Moon/Mars in Aquarius: Do what you do best–rise above. This is your time to act on your thoughts of togetherness and quell some of the conflict in your life. Whether that be settling a dispute between friends or attempting to keep the peace at Thanksgiving Dinner, your energies will be channeled more positively now.

– Essence Smith

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