The Evasons: Mentalist Show Once Again Stuns E&H Campus

Saturday, Oct. 29, the Emory Activities Board hosted the Evasons Duo, a mentalist group that performed many mind bending tricks on the Emory & Henry campus.The Evasons have traveled across the world to 35 countries to perform. They returned to campus after performing here two years ago. The Evasons are a married couple that have been described by NBC as “the finest act of it’s kind in the world,” in addition to being lauded by legendary duo Penn and Teller. In addition to the show, EAB also hosted a costume contest with a “Jack-o-lantern Prize Pack” going to the winner.
EAB President, Jordan Christie, described the Evasons’ as “a student favorite from two years ago. We had to bring them back not only for returning students, but new students as well.” Their act is comprised of many parts, but their big showstopper is a ghost encounter trick, which according to Christie “always works.” In essence, the duo asks a volunteer from the audience to share a ghost encounter and then takes a photo of the volunteer backed by a blank sheet, and on the sheet in the photo is the face of the ghost they had encountered. The Evasons offer a $100,000 cheque to anyone who can “debunk” their trick.
Christie also mentioned the next two events that EAB will host are the Quidditch Tournament on Nov. 12 and a free midnight premiere of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” at the Abingdon Cinemall on Nov. 17. The Quidditch Tournament will have free butterbeer and t-shirts for the participants with raffles. Students can register for a free ticket to the movie premiere in the coming week.


– Ethan King

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