Pet of the Week

Almost two years ago, I was still hurting from the loss of my beagle, and my current school, Sweet Briar, was falling apart. I came home from yet another college tour, very upset, and heard what could only be puppy cries coming from the den. I asked Titus, my other dog, who was back there, and I walked in to find this munchkin, and…yes… That weekend, I laid on the floor and played tug-of-war. I cried. I fell in love with this dog in about two minutes.
Samson is my walking buddy, or my snuggle buddy. We can go for a ride in the car, or sit in the backyard. For some people, dogs may not mean a lot, but for me, they’re my world. (No. Really. Ask anyone) This dog got me through a time in my life when I was unsure about everything. This dog made me smile when I really wanted to cry. It was a long road for him to make it to our house, but I’m really glad that he did.

– Virginia Whitfield

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