North Lot Scheduled for Construction in May 2017

The Village construction was speculated to affect the North parking lot starting in November, but it’s now been confirmed by Interim Dean of Students, Kyle Cutshaw that the parking lot will not be broken up until May.
The parking lot may need a construction fence, due to construction equipment being brought in to start work on the eight new houses in the Village. The parking lot will apparently still be open to current Village residents during this period, even though there will be construction equipment in the parking lot.
According to Cutshaw, the construction is on schedule and the new housing and community center will be opening on or around August 15, 2017. The new housing offered in the Village will allow the college to still have housing for students while renovating older dormitories such as MaWa/Wiley-Jackson and Stuart.
The Community Center, which is also being built with the new housing options, will be located beside of Weaver Hall. The Community Center will have a large community kitchen and meeting spaces for the Village residents and college organizations.
There will also be a new fitness center in the Community Center for non-athletic use. A mail room will be included in the new Community Center, so residents of the Village do not have to go to Martin-Brock Student Center to check their mail. There will also be a laundry room in the Community Center for the residents of the six houses that will have apartment-style rooms.


– Olivia Kinser

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