Meal Plans Unavailable over Fall Break

Student meal plans were not in effect over fall break. This meant that students staying on campus had to pay for their meals out of pocket in Van Dyke.
For many first-years, this may have come as a shock, since there were no announcements about the lack of meal plans in the Scoop before Fall Break. There was a schedule of when Van Dyke was closed and a statement that residence halls do not close over Fall Break, but no statement that meal plans would be inactive.
Interim Dean of Students, Kyle Cutshaw cleared up the confusion with a statement on how meal plans are normally regulated for breaks. “In the past, the meal plan has not covered fall break meals,” Cutshaw said.
Student athletes, who are required to stay on campus, have some of their meals covered during breaks. Kyle Cutshaw stated that athletic teams cover the cost of their athlete’s meals. Cutshaw said “many teams either had special catered meals from Sodexo, took students to off-campus restaurants, or gave them meal money.” Resident Advisors were also reimbursed for the costs of their meals over break.
For students who were not covered, the price for each meal was as follows: Breakfast- $6.00, Lunch- $8.75 and Dinner- $11.50.
Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break also will not offer meal plans. The meal plan for Thanksgiving Break will end with breakfast on November 23 and it will resume with dinner on November 27. The last meal of the semester will be breakfast on December 15. As for Spring Break, the last meal will be breakfast on March 11 and will resume with dinner on March 19.
Concerning students who are going to stay on campus during Thanksgiving Break, Cutshaw said that “several churches in the area provided Thanksgiving dinner and provided transportation to the event.”


– Sydney Cooke

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