Catch it on Netflix: Kate & Leopold

Romantic Comedy meets Science Fiction in Miramax Film’s Kate & Leopold, directed by James Mangold and stars Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman.
This film follows the story of Leopold, Duke of Albany (played by Jackman), that accidentally slips through a gap in time that lands him in modern day New York City. He has followed a man named Stuart (played by Live Schreiber), who went back in time to see the Brooklyn Bridge erected for the first time. His upstairs neighbor, and ex-girlfriend Kate (played by Meg Ryan), gets stuck taking care of Leopold while Stuart is in the hospital after an accident involving the elevator. The film encompasses the greatness of Hugh Jackman, and not much else.
The film focuses on this couple and their inability to not fall in love. Yet, it leaves much to be desired. Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan show us that big names may bring in the crowds, but it doesn’t make the movie any better.
Watching Kate & Leopold it is clear that this movie is good for one thing, and one thing only: to showcase how great of an actor Hugh Jackman is. In this film, the character of Leopold is the only really believable character in the whole piece. Between the moments of confusion and Stuart’s random burst of scientific knowledge, Jackman is the highlight of this movie.
Jackman plays the character of Leopold, a Duke stuck out of his time, that is confused by everything modern. Jackman plays this character very convincingly. The movie is simply a two hour actor reel that showcases how great of an actor Jackman is.
This film is chalked full of random cameo’s and nonsensical and unbelievable situations. Violet Davis shows up as an annoyed police officer to showcase Jackman’s confusion even more. This nonsensical role did not need the wonderful acting powers of Davis and took a totally of two minutes to act out.
This time traveling, romantic drama lacks substance and creates confusion. For example, Jackman’s character is left in an apartment by himself for days and somehow magically learns how to use a toaster and a stove to create delicious, romantic meals for Ryan’s character. If someone just came from the 1870’s, these modern contraptions would be very difficult to operate or learn how to operate on your own.
This bland portrayal of a romantic comedy falls short of everything that is needed to be successful. Jackman is convening enough to warrant a quick watch. But if you are watching for story or clarity, this film falls short on both accounts.
But don’t take my word for it, check out the trailer and see for yourself if this movie will tempt you enough to go see in theaters. Will this “historical” romance be all that you asked for, or will it leave you asking questions like why you watched it in the first place?

– Kelsey Hubbard

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