Appalachian Authors Celebrated in Literary Festival

On Oct. 27-28, Emory & Henry hosted the 35th annual Literary Festival. This event is held to honor a living writer with strong ties to the Appalachian region.
Authors participated by reading an excerpt from their work, answering questions in a public interview, and listening to their fellow writers and the works that they have accomplished.
This year, author Jim Minick was acknowledged for his inspiring collection of poems titled Burning Heaven and Her Secret Song; his essay, Finding a Clear Path; and a memoir titled The Blueberry Years: A Memoir of Farm and Family.
During the public interview section of the Literary Festival, Jim Minick was interviewed by fellow author and “long-time friend” Darnell Arnoult; he discussed his memoir, his life growing up, and the very first poem he ever wrote as a child.
During this segment, audience members had the opportunity not only to learn about Minick’s personal life and aspirations, but also to ask their own questions of the author and his work.
During the Public Reading portion of the Literary Festival, held in the McGlothlin Center for the Arts, audience members were able to hear excerpts from over ten different authors’ work over the course of an hour and a half.
The authors who participated in the festival included featured author Jim Minick, Kevin O’Donnell, Tom Hansell, Theresa Burriss, Dana Wildsmith, Mark Powell, Rick van Noy, Charles Dodd White, Erica Abrams Locklear, Thorpe Moeckel and Darnell Arnoult.
The authors who attended and participated in the the reading shared their stories with the audience and stayed behind after the segment for a book signing.
Jordan Christie, intern for the Literary Festival, enjoyed her experience this year. “Dr. Drewitz-Crockett and I were really happy with how smoothly all the sessions went. We were also glad to see a big student turn out this year,” Christie said.


– Taylor Watson

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