Apogee Network Launches ResNet at E&H

On Monday, Oct. 17, Emory & Henry students were introduced to a new wifi and cable network from the Apogee company.
Some students received instructions from their resident advisers to create an account with MyResNet.com. This will allow them to access the new network and receive faster, more efficient internet usage.
There are two E&H ResNet packages available to students, 20 Mbps and 50 Mbps, the latter of which costs $89 per semester.
Over the course of six days, teams from Apogee directed the transition from the old network to the new installment.
While the current E&H wifi network is still an option, this system will only remain available for the remainder of this fall semester.
Nina Wernick, a transfer sophomore student at E&H, is one student who is still using the old wifi.
“I haven’t switcheed to the new wifi because in Elm, the old network is still connected,” said Wernick.
She has also experienced some technical problems with the Apogee wifi. “I tried to connect to the new network and for some reason my account didn’t work. It just said that my account wasn’t valid,” Wernick explained.
For any students who have not yet completed this transition, emails were sent out over Fall Break by Director of Housing, Lacey Southwick with instructions on how to complete this process. Mrs. Southwick also included the Apogee’s customer service information for any students having technical difficulties with any of their devices.
So far, many students have been satisfied with this new source of wifi and cable service.
When asked about the quality of this new system, first-year Katie Greggory remarked, “There were a lot of steps, but overall it was pretty simple to set up and now I have even faster wifi. I even switched over my X-Box and it works great.”
As stated in Mrs. Southwick’s mass email, Apogee customer service is available at 1-844-283-6502 to anyone who may be having trouble with the transition.
There is also an option to text “ResNet” to the number 84700, or chat with @MyResNet.com.
The E&H IT Help Desk will be unable to assist with issues regarding the new network, so students should be sure to utilize the Apogee sources provided if they have any questions or concerns.


– Taylor Watson

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