11th Annual Graduate Fair Provides Student Resources

On Nov. 1, Emory & Henry held its 11th Annual Graduate School Fair in the BOV.
The fair featured tables set up from many graduate schools including; Radford University, King, EHC Physical Therapy, ETSU Pharmacy training, VCOM, Sherman College, ETSU, Virginia Tech School of Education, University of Virginia, ODU online, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Milligan and Lynchburg College.
Donna Polk, Admissions Counselor at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, weighed in on how students may get an advantage from attending graduate fairs.
“There are many advantages of attending events like this. To begin, you have experts representing a variety of schools and fields all in one place. This provides you with a great opportunity to learn about many different colleges and programs all at once, without having to leave campus. Also, you could potentially meet with someone that works in admissions and just by introducing yourself and speaking with them, it provides them with a face to put with an application. This can be very beneficial when applying to highly competitive programs,” said Polk. She also expressed her regrets of not attending one when she had the chance.
“Unfortunately when I was in undergrad I did not take full advantage of attending these types of events. At the time I felt that they were not beneficial; however, looking back on them and seeing what they have to offer, I wish that I would have. I was very unaware of all of the opportunities available. The individuals that take their time to come and visit your school serve as a huge resource for you and can help direct you in the direction you need to go,” Polk explained.
This fair not only had the benefits mentioned by Polk, but students also the chance to win one of the various door prizes. These prizes included swag from the individual graduate schools and Grad School Test Prep Kits valued at $150.


– Akeya Wright

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