Planning Begins for North Lot Construction

There will be construction involving the North parking lot starting soon. There is not a set date for when construction will begin, but students can be prepared for a little more noise on campus.
“Sometimes it wakes me up at six in the morning. Like you hear jackhammering and scraping and it’s just hard to sleep through,” said Hailey Ellis, a sophomore who lives in Linden-Prillaman.
The planned North parking lot construction is part of the school’s recent initiative to improve facilities across campus, which includes this semester’s construction work in the Village. According to Kyle Cutshaw, the Interim Dean of Students, a meeting has been set for this week that will give faculty and staff more information about the construction. This will be covered more extensively after the meeting, in next week’s edition of the Whitetopper.
With construction well underway, students are becoming used to the inconveniences that come with the progress. In response to construction in the Village, students fight for street parking in front of Linden instead of parking in the North lot. This is due in part to the extremely poor lighting that is currently in the North lot.
“Construction is obviously progressing, because the noise and chaos around my dorm is becoming much more apparent,” said Catherine Wiedman, a student who lives in Cambridge.


– Olivia Kinser

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