Fiction:The Changing room Part II

Harrison was awestruck at not only seeing his grandfather alive but also seeing his grandfather laughing and joking with his parents. The couple sitting across from his grandfather looked up at him as he stood waving his hands to emphasize the punchline to every one of his anecdotes.
They were supposed to be his parents, but Harrison didn’t recognize them. The last time Harrison saw his parents, a four-year-old Harrison was waving to them as they climbed into their car. Hardly a day later Harrison had been picked up from the babysitter by child protective services, told in the gentle non-direct way one speaks to a child that there had been an accident, and was dropped off in front of his grandfather’s mansion where he spent the rest of his childhood. While the years had turned the memory of his parents faces to a blur, as soon as he looked directly at the couple sitting on the sofa, there was no denying who these people were.
“He’s alive!” laughed his father, seeing Harrison enter the room.
“You’ve slept almost the entire day away,” his mother added with a hint of worry in her voice.
“ Leave the boy alone,” said his grandfather slapping a hand on Harrisons back. “ You remind me of myself when I was your age. Going out every night and getting into trouble.”
Harrison sunk into a chair closest to him and just watched as these people who wore the faces of his family but didn’t act like them, they talked like any normal happy family. No matter how much Harrison wanted to just forget about the life he thought he lived before now and settle into this newer happier life, he couldn’t, it just felt wrong.
“Beautiful isn’t it?” said the butler, suddenly appearing next to Harrison. “ A happy family, all together, laughing, talking, and completely unaware of the tragedy they avoid in another life.”
Harrison looked puzzled, so the butler explained. “I know you don’t come from here, from this life.”
Harrison was relieved to find someone who knew what was going on. “What is this, how did I get here?”
“You used the changing room. No one knows where it came from and even less know it exists. All that it is know about by those who use it is that it leads you to a new version life.”
“How do you know all this?”
“ If you chose to stay in this life it won’t matter. I must warn you master Harrison, for everything the room gives you, it will take away just as much. The decision is yours.”
As the butler left, Harrison’s mind buzzed with questions about what all this meant, who the butler was, and even if any of this was real. The one thing Harrison had to decide at this moment was to stay with his family or see what else was behind that door.


– Matthew Brosche

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