Engaged in Transition

If it doesn’t make you happy, why do it? This is a new life approach I’m taking. Now, I’m not advocating for doing ONLY things that make you happy. There are some things that we have to do, regardless of its consequential emotions. Paying bills, going to work, finishing college, are generally thought of as things that we should or have to do. However, I don’t think that we should see them as “mandatory.” Okay, perhaps paying bills, but I think that we need to take a minute to evaluate our actions.
Some of those “mandatory” things cause a lot of stress and anxiety in life. I feel as if, in order to counteract that, we should be involved with things that make us happy, which usually means being healthy.
As we all have learned from our required Lifetime Wellness class, being healthy doesn’t just apply to physical fitness. It also means that we should be aware of our emotional, mental and spiritual health.
Our society has a terrible behavioral pattern of ignoring self-care. American culture is an individualistic society. We focus on the betterment of each individual rather than the country as a whole. (Don’t get me wrong, we do try to further our country, but overall, we are an individualistic society.) Isn’t it strange then that we don’t take time to care for our mental and emotional health.
Unfortunately, there is a strong stigma surrounding mental and emotional health. Attending counseling shouldn’t be something that people feel the need to hide. Taking a semester off from college to recollect and regain emotional and mental health shouldn’t be looked down on.
One of the hardest lessons to learn for me, was, and is, learning when to say “no.” I have a tendency to overcommit. Learning to have self-care takes a good bit of knowing what you can and should do.
I say do what makes you happy because, ultimately you have one life. Why would we want to spend our lives stressed out, overworked, and anxiety filled? We should learn to take time for ourselves and not be ashamed.


– Delyn Bull

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