E&H Habitat for Humanity Dedicates Break to Service

Many of us went home to our families for Fall Break, while others went away on vacation and a select few stayed right on campus. However, a group of six Emory & Henry students used their break time for a community service project under Habitat for Humanity.
Leah Elswick, Julie Meadows, Kirsten Hines, Ethan Kester, Sam Mungai and Eric Murphy went on this service trip, accompanied by staff leaders Bence Bays and Emma Baltuskonis. The group spent Wednesday through Saturday in Charlotte, North Carolina helping to build a house for a woman named Bonnie and her three sons.
The students’ main job was to build the roof of the house. They measured, cut, and covered the roof with plywood and were able to shingle half of it. Their other tasks included installing windows onto the house and installing the front door, securing rafters, and caulking the inside walls to insulate the house.
Bence Bays is the Coordinator of Civic and International Education Support Services at E&H. She is also the advisor for the campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity.
“Our students did a lot of hard work throughout the week and everyone had a great attitude,” she said about the group’s service over Fall Break.
Bence also said that, for this service project, the students were able to meet and work with Bonnie. “It was pretty amazing to meet the person we were doing this all for,” commented Bays. “It was a really wonderful experience overall.”
E&H’s Habitat for Humanity is run predominantly by the students. The group does Saturday build days as well as service trips during Fall and Spring break.


– Sydney Cooke

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