Internet Outages

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? While there are a lot of different possible answers to this question, many people would respond with things like their phones or the Internet.

Today’s society is completely wired and is extremely dependent on technology. Emory & Henry, as a place of higher education, is especially dependent on the Internet and technology.

In recent months, E&H has been working towards the installation of a new Internet service provider. Several Internet outages have occurred in the past week, which are being blamed on the current Internet service provider.

The Wi-fi outages slowed down classes, as well as the school’s many offices. Apogee, the new broadband service company, boasts “a level of bandwidth and service rarely available to small colleges and universities,” according to an email from E&H President Jake Schrum.

The new network provider also allows television viewers access to a significantly larger number of premium channels, as well as over 50 high definition channels. An arrangement with the Internet company also calls for a “back-up service” that will prevent the kind of Wi-fi outages that were experienced on campus this week.

The installation of new “access points” into the residence halls began about a month ago. The new Internet service relies on twice the number of current “access points” to provide E&H with faster Wi-fi speeds and download times. Full installation of the new Apogee Internet service is expected to be complete by the end of fall break.

– Orlando Martinez

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