Home Body Preview

On Oct. 14, Tim Miller is presenting a performance created in conjunction with 19 Emory & Henry College students. The debut of “Home Body,” which has been created especially for Homecoming, will be performed every night from Friday through Monday. Tim Miller previously unveiled his new show “Rooted” this past Friday.

Miller, who is known worldwide for his performance art, has been in residence on E&H’s campus for the past few weeks while he prepared the show with the students.

The students, according to Dr. Kelly Bremner of the Theatre Department, “represent a diverse group of both theatre and non-theatre people.” Miller, whose performances are concerned with social justice and LGBTQ+ rights, will be directing a unique show that showcases the diversity of E&H and highlights the experiences of students from all walks of life.

Assistant Professor Bremner also added that the students participating were from a diverse range of “genders, sexualities, ethnicities, religious beliefs and ages.” Miller has been working with these students to help them create art out of their personal experiences.

Miller specializes in personal narrative performance art and this performance will be no different. According to Bremner, the performance of “Home Body” is “inspired by our feelings and desires for home and the intersection of that and of our bodies.”

This performance was specifically crafted for E&H, and it will be performed only once this year in honor of Homecoming weekend.

– Ethan King

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