Clowns have been sighted in Washington County. While clowns are normally supposed to bring joy and laughter, these clowns have a different intention. According to the Channel 11 News, the clown was spotted off in a field in Bristol with a painted face, wig and red nose on Oct. 3.  

The sighting reportedly took place near High Point Elementary School in Bristol, Va. between 7:45 and 8 p.m. This was confirmed by Washington County, Va. Sheriff Fred Newman. While not harming anyone, the sighting could be the start of an unnerving trend here in SW Virginia.

One of the first clown sightings was in Green Bay, Wisconsin on August 1.  The disturbing trend has continued across the country and even across the border into Canada, with more recent sightings in Athens, Georgia, Nampa, Idaho and Edmonton, Canada. These sightings have been reported by  The International Business Times.    

In both North America and Europe, sightings of clowns in terrifying make-up and costumes have been stirring up feelings of horror in both urban and rural areas. This is a recent trend with little explanation as to why it happens other than to scare the few people that manage to spot them

However, the phenomenon is creating some serious consequences for those involved. On Sept. 30, the New York Times reported that false claims of clown sightings had led to 12 arrests in 10 different states.  

False speculation has been rampant surrounding these clown sightings. Concerned citizens should be sure to fact check any worrying sightings that have been  reported  in their community before assuming  anything.  

– Jeffrey Cowart

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