Abingdon in Southern Identity

Abingdon will be featured in an upcoming edition of Southern Living. Abingdon has been featured in Southern Living before in articles about the Barter Theater and the Martha Washington Inn & Spa.

It has not been released on which month’s edition will feature Abingdon in them. Dr. Tracy Lauder, the Director of Project Ampersand and Associate Professor of Mass Communication, used to work for Southern Living right out of her master’s program as a copy editor and a travel editor.

Dr. Lauder’s doctoral dissertation was on the startup of Southern Living magazine in 1960s Birmingham, so she is up to speed on the history of the magazine—and it truly does have a unique story. She was able to explore many interesting places in the South, both urban and rural, but she never made it to southwest Virginia until she interviewed with Emory & Henry College in 2003.

She has come to love the mountains here and call it home, as well. Towns who are featured in Southern Living have a certain rustic charm and are proud to be featured in an edition of the nationally known magazine.

– Olivia Kinser

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