Jeremy Martin

Toward the end of August, former Emory & Henry student Jeremy Martin was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. After antibiotics failed to help, he was taken to UVA and diagnosed with mono. Jeremy’s body began to go numb, and when he underwent a spinal tap, doctors found that his mono had turned into Guillain-Barre Syndrome, an infection from mono that affects the nervous and respiratory system. Then after having been moved to the Progressive Care Unit, Jeremy was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. On Sept. 25, Jeremy was moved to ICU because he was having a particularly hard time breathing.

Jeremy is from Salem Virginia. He played football at E&H and he loves to hunt and fish. Currently, Jeremy has a feeding tube and a few more weeks until he can leave the hospital. He will then have to undergo rehab to relearn how to use his legs. Jeremy and his family have been through so much and they have more to come. If you would like to help them you can find Jeremy’s Gofundme at: Money will be used to cover the cost of Jeremy’s care and therapy. Prayers would also be appreciated.

– Sydney Cooke

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