Just as 2016 will be coming to an end, the Emory & Henry yearbook, The Sphinx, may be as well. After this semester there is a growing possibility that the student-led yearbook will no longer be published, as the school’s contract with the publishing company is coming to an end.

The school is currently looking at the possibility of not renewing the contract with the company, due to the cost of publishing and the amount of yearbooks that are leftover each year.

“What students do not realize is that the books are free, well built into your tuition cost, and so every year there are always lots of leftover books. Since they come out after graduation in May, lots of students never get them and if they do it’s the next fall. Students are used to paying a lot of money for high school annuals, but do not realize they are built into your cost,“ said current editor-in-chief of the yearbook, Delyn Bull.

Jordan Hawkins is one of the students that normally plans on getting a copy of the yearbook. “I’m disappointed that it’s not going to be published. I like the idea of having a yearbook that my friends can write in when I graduate, as well as an easy way for me to remember my classmates. I do appreciate it when people make responsible financial choices, but I think it’s sad when we have to lose the yearbook because of that,” Hawkins said.

“It’s ultimately up to the students to decide if it’s something they want to continue or not. I’m happy to support whatever decision the students make,” said faculty advisor for the yearbook, Joshua Von Castle.

Even though this may be the last yearbook at E&H, that does not mean they are not going to put any effort into it. That being said, little to no progress has been made on the yearbook so far, due to the extreme lack of staff and volunteers. If you are interested in a position on the yearbook team you can contact Delyn Bull.

– Akeya Wright

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