Gas Shortage/Pipeline

Several states are facing a gas shortage after a major gasoline pipeline burst last week. It is estimated that over 250,000 gallons of gas leaked out of a section of the Colonial pipeline in Alabama.

The Colonial pipeline runs from Houston to New York and supplies gas to over 50 million people on the East Coast. North Carolina and Virginia, as well as several other Southern states, have declared a state of emergency following the pipeline spill. Gas shortages and higher prices are expected to hit the states in the next few weeks, as authorities attempt to repair the damaged pipeline. According to analyst Patrick DeHaan, gas prices could spike by as much as 15 cents per gallon or more in the next week.

There were some concerns raised about how clueless the public was to the critical gas leak, as most major news companies failed to report the spill. This cluelessness extended to the Emory & Henry campus, where it seemed that practically no one was aware of the pipeline damage, nor did anyone seem to care. When asked if this major gasoline leak has affected them, most students said no. However, when the possibility of rising gas prices was mentioned, many students began to worry.

Katie Gregory, a first-year resident, was not aware of the pipeline failure and also did not feel affected by it. “I guess I’d feel more affected if I had a car on campus, but I don’t so this doesn’t really affect me at all,” said Gregory.

However, Diana Lopez, also a first-year, had a different view. “It’s going to be bad if gas prices go up too much, because I have to drive to work and stuff,” Lopez said. Overall, the campus effect of the gas leak was not severe, with most students just worrying about the economic effects, rather than the environmental.

– Brianna Craver

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