Blue and Gold Award

Monday, Sept. 26, a ceremony was held in recognition of Lacey Southwick for winning Emory & Henry’s Blue and Gold Award. This accolade is granted to staff members who have worked exceptionally hard in their department, and who have gone above and beyond to ensure the sufficiency of E&H as a whole. In an interview, Mrs. Southwick discussed what an honor it was for her to be recognized in such a way.

“I’m not one for wanting to be in the spotlight often, […] but I think every once in awhile it’s okay to say you know what, I did a job well done,” said Southwick on her award.

She then went on to thank the Student Life Department staff for all of their hard work and dedication.

“I definitely could not have accomplished everything we did in August without my Student Life staff, especially Suzanne Riley–she’s been a great help to me in helping to deal with all the things that come through our office, […] the area coordinators Brett and Josh, they are a great big help, and of course under the supervision of interim Dean of Students Kyle Cutshaw, he’s been a tremendous example of what a student affairs professional is,” Southwick said.

As the Director of Residence Life, Mrs. Southwick’s job mainly consists of long hours spent ensuring the safety and comfort of E&H students. She supervises the area coordinators and the administrative assistants in the Student Life Department, as well as the resident advisers and other staff members.

“It makes me proud of the work that I do; My job is often a very thankless job, but to be recognized by my colleagues and peers is very special to me,” explained Southwick, on the topic of what receiving the Blue and Gold Award means to her personally.

    While Mrs. Southwick has only been at E&H for a little over a year, she has made a substantial impact on the college, as well as its students.

“I work hard‒I work for the students, and I can’t do it without a good, supportive team. We work hard and we play hard and we have fun. At the end of the day the students are our number one priority,” she said.

– Taylor Watson

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