Macado’s Karaoke Night Temporarily On Hold

For many Emory & Henry students, Macado’s is the perfect place to hang out with friends, socialize and relieve a little stress during the school year. With their large selection of food, vintage décor, karaoke and friendly staff, it’s difficult not to feel comfortable. Macado’s is located across the train tracks, right next to the E&H Merc.

Macado’s is the ideal restaurant, especially on Thursdays and Saturdays, when you just want to spend the night with friends, 39-cent wings and a little karaoke.

Unfortunately, the popular restaurant decided to cut karaoke night out of their weekly functions. “Karaoke was an essential part of the Macado’s feel,” said first-year Brianna Craver, an occasional Macado’s customer.

“Who’s going to be forced to listen to my bad singing now?” said Sam Mungai jokingly. “Singing terribly and seeing people enjoy it so much is such a stress relief and a really beautiful feeling,” Mungai added.

I took a little trip across the tracks to try to figure out why karaoke will no longer be part of the Macado’s experience.  When I spoke to a staff member working, I got some partially good news. The reason why Macado’s is no longer hosting karaoke night is because of the termination of the employee who was in charge of the event. However, Macado’s will be bringing back karaoke nights as soon as possible. There is a search in progress to find a new head of karaoke.

– Orlando Martinez

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