Athletics Department Welcomes Swim Coach

Emory & Henry has a new swim coach who wants to achieve greatness with the men’s swim team. Coach Cody Skinner is excited to establish the men’s swim team as the dominate team in the Division III league.

“Right now I want to be in Division III because I love the student athletes. In Division III you have people who are here for school first, and they love swimming and that’s why they do it. I guess you can say a Division III athlete is more ‘normal’,” said Skinner.

To Skinner, the key to Emory’s success will come from recruiting the right players.

“Right now, Washington and Lee is obviously the team to beat, but they only beat us with numbers. I don’t think they are as untouchable as they think they are. I think we can achieve the same kind of success the women’s team has seen if we just recruit the right swimmers, bring in the right people and eventually we’ll have the right number of bodies to beat them,” he explained. The men’s swim team is new to the ODAC conference, with this year being E&H’s third season.

Skinner is looking forward to establishing the men’s swim team, as he wants to form a kind of legacy. “I want to start this off right, and start a tradition. I want guys who are gonna buy into what I’m trying to accomplish here, and really start that tradition of great swimming here at Emory & Henry,” Skinner said.

Skinner comes to Emory from Stow, Ohio and he went to college at Wilmington College, where he earned a degree in Health Promotions. He swam competitively at Wilmington for all four years he attended and was a conference finalist in both the 100 and 200 meter breaststroke and the 500 meter freestyle.

– Jeffrey Cowart

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