Philosophy Department Welcomes Dr. Stone

Emory & Henry College has a new philosophy professor, and his name is Taylor Stone, Ph.D. Philosophy is the practice of using critical thinking and proper evidence, be it logical or physical, to support arguments of topics like religion and science. It is Stone’s belief that he is saving the world by teaching critical thinking to college students.

“So often, students will walk into my classroom with all these preconceived notions about the world and philosophy, without any proper evidence or reason behind them. I feel it is my job to destroy these, in the nicest way possible, before they go out and vote. However, the goal is to do so while still encouraging them,” Stone explained.

Stone thinks that if he can do that for students, they will in turn go out into the world and teach others this way of “thinking about thinking.” Teaching philosophy is not Stone’s only goal for his time at E&H. Another important objective in his teaching plan is to make students want to ask questions.

“I want to inspire these kids to not only ask questions when they are confused, but to ask them all the time. Question everything. Asking questions and knowing how to ask them is one of the greatest parts about philosophy,” said Stone.

Stone’s family is no stranger to philosophy, or Emory. Stone lived here for twelve years before he left for college himself. Stone’s father, Ed Damer, was a former philosophy professor here at E&H and his mother was a philosophy graduate here as well. Stone earned his undergraduate at Centre College in Kentucky and his post-graduate degree from the University of Georgia.

“I spent my childhood growing up in Emory, so when I went off to college I wanted more small places. I feel right at home here now. I’m thankful that there are still a few familiar faces around,” said Stone.

Stone is excited to be teaching what he loves in the area he grew up in. “There was point when I was able to teach as a grad student but due to budget issues they stopped letting me teach. For a while I wasn’t able to teach and those were some rough years, but now I’m back to doing what I love and I’m giddy again!”

– Jeffrey Cowart

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