Marching Band Grows Presence on Campus

Last year, during the inaugural season of the Emory & Henry College Marching Band, the College band was comprised of about 50 people. The marching band is currently in their sophomore season, during which the attendance has swelled to nearly 75 people.

On account of such rapid growth, the band has been receiving some upgrades this semester. These include new uniforms, new equipment and a brand new building. The building is located behind the old powerhouse on the far side of the football field, near the James H. Brooks Field House, and will be able to house all current band equipment. The new band building will also serve as meeting spot and practice area. The building was completed in the middle of last August.

This new building offers several improvements over the previous home of the band, which was located in Byars Hall. As President Schrum explained in an email on September 13, the dedication of the facility will be held on October 8 at 11 a.m.

“It offers us a larger space that is dedicated solely to us that can house us as we continue to grow the program. No other college [sic] has a solid dedicated place for a band,” said sophomore tenor drummer Rafe Hagee on the building.

Hagee brings up the point that the E&H Marching Band is unique in the ODAC as well as the surrounding area. Hagee also thinks that the building serves as a definite recruitment point for incoming students and will continue to be one in the years to come.

This new building is a part of a broader expansion to the College’s facilities that has already begun and will continue to grow in the years to come. This student facility offers a place for the musicians of E&H to focus on making the E&H Marching Band the best it can be and continue to attract new students and grow the program and college as a whole.

– Ethan King

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