E&H Introduces LiveSafe App: A Move Forward in Campus Security

The new Emory & Henry Livesafe app has been introduced as a technological advancement in ensuring student safety on campus. Livesafe is designed to act as a notification system for any smartphone or other programmed device. Once a student downloads the app, their mobile device will receive notifications, campus alerts and information about any potential danger in the surrounding area. E&H is in the process of registering the college with Livesafe this semester.

On their website, Livesafe describes itself as “the most advanced mobile safety communications platform.”

    The founders of the Livesafe app are Shy Pahlevani, who has been a victim of robbery, and Kristina Anderson, a survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting of 2007. Pahlevani and Anderson’s shared experiences resulted in their collaboration towards preventing such violent situations from happening wherever possible. The Livesafe app has been adopted on more and more college campuses within the last year.

     According to the slogan on Livesafe’s website, the app “enables users to do something when they see something.” Livesafe’s capabilities at E&H include sending vital information in the event of a campus emergency, requesting help in an emergency, providing a safety map to inform you of your surroundings and access to important campus resources.

Livesafe also contains a feature called SafeWalk. This enables you to virtually walk with your friends or family to or from any given place with the use of its GPS feature. When you arrive at your destination, your friend or family will receive a notification to inform them of your safe arrival. One reviewer on the Livesafe website dubbed the application “absolutely necessary for any university.”

Apart from its many credible features, one of the Livesafe app’s main attributes is its distinct aptitude for creating peace of mind. With so many safety features available, help is quite literally at the touch of a button.

Taylor Watson

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