Fence Obstructs Student Housing

Cambridge and Prillman have been separated from the rest of the Emory & Henry Village as of Tuesday, September 6. A chain link fence was built by the College to enclose the two dorm buildings. The new fence currently surrounds Cambridge almost completely, with only one exit available on the far side of the road by Prillman.

The purpose of the fence is reportedly to keep students out of dangerous construction areas. These areas are dangerous due to the low fenced holes that rest where former dorms and trees previously sat.

Sophomore and current Cambridge resident, Brandon Minton, had this to say about the fence. “I feel like in some ways I understand why it has to be there, but it is really inconvenient that they did not put a path in for students to go to class, but are making them go around,” said Minton.

On Sunday, September 11, one portion of the fence that runs behind Cambridge and Prillman–and faces Macado’s–ended up crumpled on the ground. By noon on that same day, student residents confirmed that the fence had been righted and an opening was made for the path to Macado’s.

“I guess I understand why it went back up considering the construction starting soon, but I feel like better communication about the fence, like the fact it was going up, would have been nice. I guess just giving us a timetable of what to expect would have been nice,” said Cambridge resident Rafe Hagee.

“I have no idea how it happened, but I assume that the construction workers or someone in a place of power saw it as a protest or challenge of authority because there was a path opened up when they put the fence back up,” added Minton.

As of this article’s writing, the school’s administration has not communicated to residents of either building about Sunday’s events regarding the new fence.

– Ethan King


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