Annabelle’s Curse Performs on Chapel Lawn

This past Saturday night, the Emory Activities Board hosted Annabelle’s Curse, an alt-folk band from the Bristol Virginia/Tennessee area. The concert took place on the Chapel lawn, which also featured a beer garden. A lot of students and community members came out to support these local musicians. The evening’s weather was perfect for an outdoor concert and the band certainly outperformed themselves.

The original group’s founders, Zack Edwards and Tim Kilbourne, met through a mutual friend at Emory & Henry College and have been playing music together ever since. The story behind the band’s name comes from an old standup bass. The group pooled their money together and bought an upright bass, which they named Annabelle. The ‘curse’ part of the group’s name refers to the unlucky fate of the bass, which has been broken several times. Annabelle the bass now resides in Edwards’ living room. The band later added Carly Booher, who sings and plays mandolin, as well as drummer Travis Goyette and bassist Tyler Luttrell.

All the members of Annabelle’s Curse have full-time day jobs, which they balance alongside the full time commitment of the band. All band members live in Abingdon, Virginia, except Luttrell, who lives in Johnson City, Tennessee.

The group has released three albums since their formation in 2010 and have toured all over the Eastern United States. Annabelle’s Curse frequently performs at music festivals, such as HoustonFest and the Rooster Walk Music and Arts Festival.

– Brianna Craver

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