Highlights of 2016 Video Music Awards center on Kanye, Beyoncé and Britney Spears

Award shows have been around for decades. No matter what color the carpet is, the celebrities always dazzle. While award shows are generally considered formal and serious events, MTV’s Video Music Awards tends to reject that idea.

The first MTV Video Music Awards show aired in 1984 and featured a racy performance by Madonna. Over the years, the VMAs have gained a reputation for pushing the envelope. The 2016 MTV VMA’s aired live from Madison Square Garden on August 28.

The night kicked off with a performance by Rihanna, who later won the Vanguard award.  Rihanna performed four different sets throughout the show, several of which featured her many hit pop songs. As song artist Drake, Rihanna’s rumoured on-again off-again boyfriend, presented Rihanna with the prestigious Vanguard award, he reportedly confessed his love for her. As they embraced, Drake went in for a kiss that Rihanna appeared to snub.

Other performers of the VMA’s included Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Future and Britney Spears. This performance could be called a , as it was her first awards show performance in almost ten years.

Beyoncé also performed a sixteen minute set and dazzled on the preshow white carpet. Instead of bringing her husband as a date, Beyoncé brought the mothers of victims of police brutality. Her performance highlighted many social issues and featured songs off of her latest album, Lemonade.

This year, Beyoncé was nominated for eleven awards and took home eight. There was a strong Olympic presence at this year’s VMAs, with Michael Phelps and the US gymnast team both presenting awards. Alicia Keys, who has recently received both criticism and praise for not wearing makeup, presented the Best Male Video. Kanye, another artist present at the VMAs, gave a lengthy speech and released a new music video.

– Brianna Craver






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