F*cking your way to the top

The music industry is commonly an ever-changing system of how to make the artist more popular or “show-stopping.” The goal is being able to create something new to brand the artist, setting some type of new standard for the music industry. With each level up comes something more and more wild and crazy with the next artist.
Whether the stunts are genuine or not, they tend to shed light on how many artists feel on the inside. Artists like Lana Del Rey have shocked fans with remarkably worded songs that take listeners on a journey through their life and perspectives on life. One particular song that Lana wrote in her Ultraviolence album was “F*cked My Way Up To The Top.” “F*cked My Way Up To The Top” speaks to me in ways in understanding what Lana may have been going through when she wrote this song.
In an interview with NME Del Rey spoke about the song, referencing her lifestyle of sleeping with many men in the music industry, but also how the lifestyle never assisted her music career. The song being a noteworthy representation of how Del Rey is “self-made.” Lana’s personal reflection in this song inspires those around her to take credit for the work they have done as well.
Another track Lana has received much attention from is from her earlier album, Born To Die. The title of the song is called “Cola,” which seems quite harmless until you hit the play button. With an opening line of “My p*ssy tastes like Pepsi Cola,” many fans and music listeners become a bit shocked about what they’re hearing.
Although it may be a bit odd and vulgar, Lana also has a story behind the lyrics. According to the Inquisitr Lana reminisced about a boyfriend who dreamt about how American girls vaginas tasted like Pepsi-Cola. With that said, it may have been a bit of an interesting way for Lana to tell the story, but the point of artists music often times comes from real world experience. Like Lana, many artists portray the good, bad, and vulgar in music since it is often left unjudged by listeners.

– Cameron Chase

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