Engaged in Transition

“The only thing that never changes is that everything changes.” Louis L. Amour

One of my favorite songs is “Forward Motion” by Relient K. The chorus says, “I struggle with forward motion/we all struggle with forward motion/cause forward motion is harder than it sounds/well every time I gain some ground/I gotta turn myself around again.” I think I can safely say that generally describes my relationship with college.

My theme in this column for the past two years has been about my experiences in college and how I relate them to the world at large. I’ve also talked a lot about art and how that has influenced my college experience. As I sit down to write this first column of my last year of college, I’m struck by the irony of my younger self.

When I began this column, I entitled it “Eyes of Transition.” I wanted to write this column as a kind of documentation about life as a first year student. (After all, this is the life and arts section.) I thought to myself, “freshman year of college is a huge transition, so that seems like a good theme. Maybe I can write about something else sophomore year.”

Well then I got engaged. Another transition. Sophomore year presented its own challenges, its own joys, and its own transitions. So there I was again, still writing about transitions. Although, I also did a lot of writing on my trip to Italy to study Italian art. (After all, this is the life and arts section.) But ultimately, I was still focused on this idea of transition and how that plays a role in our day-to-day lives.

Three years later, and I’m still obsessed with this idea of transition. As I began to think about my column this year, I realized, transition never really ends. It’s constantly occurring. We could be transitioning to a new place to call home, or a new group of friends, or a new outlook on the world. We could also be transitioning back to something. Maybe we’ve been away too long and it’s time to go back home, or back to good friends, or back to our core values.

Although my freshman self thought I could stop writing about transition once I was used to college, my senior self realizes that transition never ends. Here I am again on the threshold of change. I’m about to enter the “real world” and man, is that a big change.
The pictures attached to this sad piece of nostalgia represent that change: myself on the first day of Orientation in 2014, and convocation of my senior year of college.
I know it’s cliché to say it, but it’s cliché for a reason. The only thing that never changes is that everything changes. We all struggle with forward motion.

– Delyn Bull

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