Student Feedback Priority in Vice President Search

This last academic year at Emory & Henry brought many changes to faculty and administration. One of the positions that was vacated over the summer was the Dean of Students, a position formerly held by Pam Gourley. The duties of her office are currently being overseen by Interim Dean Kyle Cutshaw.

Over the summer, E&H has been focusing on the search to fill the vacancy spot for a Vice President of Student Life/Student Success and Dean of Inclusion. Final candidates for the the position were brought to campus to meet with students and answer general questions. Candidates also met with specific student groups in order to answer questions about diversity and student life.

The candidates for the VP position are Jamar Banks, John Holloway, Valerie Simmons-Walston and Cynthia Evers. Each one had nearly the same amount of time on campus with students to ensure a fair process.

So far, the college has yet to release any findings or decisions that have been made based on this student feedback or from their own interviews with the candidates. The college collected student feedback through surveys that were open to correspond with each candidate’s visit to campus and time with the students. The surveys have since closed and the information has been shared with the search firm Hyatt-Fennell and President Jake Schrum. Look for an announcement with the final decision in the next few weeks.   

– Ethan King 

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