Astrology Report: Virgo in September

August has ended, ushering in a wonderful season of chilly air, crunchy leaves, and lunar/solar rejuvenation. In addition to this rejuvenation, there is also room for confusion and chaos, with the addition of the Mercury retrograde (planet appears to be going backwards from view on Earth). This week we have experienced the effects of the New Moon shift into the sign Virgo, which also provided a solar eclipse. The energy of a New Moon is often a time for re-calibration in life, and no sign is better for analysis than Virgo. Through the communication-driven Mercury’s retrograde, some plans and affirmations will fall out of focus, but now is the time to harness the positive Virgin energy for a month full of benefits. Intentions best set for a Virgo New Moon include work related toward our habits, routines, organizing skills, and willingness to learn. Try not to obsess and nitpick over details—this is key to the perfection-oriented nature of the Virgo. There are many tasks we can accomplish to channel this energy in our favor. Getting back into an exercise routine, committing to quit negative habits, organizing our closets/giving away old clothes, creating a budget, researching/diving into something that interests you, or even just meditating. The planet Mercury is now retrograde (began August 30th/31st—ends September 21st/22nd) and is also in Virgo this time around. Everyone hears about Mercury being retrograde, but most are unaware of how this affects life on Earth. Retrogrades represent a time for reorganization of themes and energies to ascribe to that specific planet and time. All planets retrograde, and scientifically it is an illusion, but the effects on Earth are real. Mercury specifically affects us due to Mercury’s foci. Mercury represents mental energy, intelligence, and all communication. Retrograde in Virgo signifies that we must make adjustments with our organization, health, efficiency, productivity, and skills overall. Just like the New Moon energy, the activities can be the same. However, because the retrograde can heighten confusion and muddle communication, we are smart to go with the flow more and avoid making huge life changes.Advice to all: September 10th/11th streamline energies that cause us to become aware of tensions and blockades in our lives. Reality will arise head on, creating an intense atmosphere for relationships. For some, this will be a powerful time for working hard and committing to creative/spiritual endeavors, especially those that are longstanding. Sun/Moon/Mercury Virgo signs—be very cautious to not let the spirit of perfection overtake you!

– Essence Smith

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